Shiraz danseuse orientale

Has a passion for Middle Eastern dance since she was 4 years old.
She have been formed during several years with diferents dances such as Classic, Modern-jazz, Salsa, Samba and Oriental dance which she dedicates more than 20 years training with great names of Middle Eastern dance in France and all around the world. Shiraz

Since 2007, she give COLLECTIVE – INDIVIDUAL CLASSES, WORKSHOPS. and she dedicates herself to research and to choreographic creation while creating its own style blending technical nature and the originality of its knowledge, with elegance, fluidity, grace and sensuality !
Today, she’s graduate in Anatomy for the Movement and in Oriental Dance from the C.I.D (International Dance Council) and the UNESCO, she’s invited to international events.
Shiraz was invited to:
– Bellysurdance Festival in Andalusia/Spain
– Jawhara Festival in Dubai/United Arab Emirates
– Ar’Dance Festival in Paris/France
– Dubai/United Arab Emirates, to teach 4 workshops
– Orient Expo Festival in Frankfurt/Germany
– Orient Express Festival in Vienna/Austria
– Fantasia/Jwaad Festival in London/England
– Festival Cairo by night 4 Festival in Paris/France
– Week-end AZAD, Producer and Organiser, with Mario Kirlis, Shanan and Lucas Cortese – Workshops and Show with 6 musicians live music in Paris/France
– Ya Amar Bellydance Festival in Paris/France
– Japan Tour/Tokyo-Osaka – Invited to teach and to perform
– Bellynea Festival in Missiones/Argentina
– Just Bellydance week-end, Producer and Organiser of the event in Paris/France
– Brazil Porto Alegre – Invited to teach and to perform
– The Dancer Gift – Paris/France
– Cocktail Night Buenos Aires/Argentina
– Bellynea Festival in Missiones/Argentina
– Japon/Tokyo – Invited to teach and to perform
– Feelings – Paris/France
– Montpellier/France – World show – Oriental Marathon Festival
– London/England – Invited to teach a special Veil workshop

Learn Oriental Dance with Shiraz and discover it’s teaching methodology focuses on the placement of the body weight and the structure imaged movements.
A pedagogy that allows each student to learn the technique and sequences so very accessible while developing the pleasure of dance, cultural knowledge and individual development in a friendly and joyful. Shiraz has created and developed a project of choreographies videos to allow students a thorough and complementary classes and workshops – START TO TAKE ONLINE BELLYDANCE CLASSES