Classes/Workshops Choreographies

Every level need an access by a different password which is send by mail.
Choreographies are accessible to the students having followed choreography in classes or in workshops.
The password required to reach videos is different from that used for your connection as a member – You have 3 passwords: the member access password – 2 passwords for each level of choreographies

If you didn’t receive the password and that you are a regular student of Shiraz classes and that you wish to see the videos, contact Shiraz

Before starting the visionnage of the videos, the student engages:
– to have an opinion and a medical authorization of not-against-indication to the sporting/practice of the dance
– to practice a complete heating before starting
– to practise stretchings at the end

Program conditions :
This program developed and choreographed entirely by Shiraz with an educational objective, it aims to accompany and provide a base of work reserved to the students of Shiraz

All informations are confidential, any transmission to external people will generate the blocking of the account in a final way !
Thank you to respect these instructions so that this completely free program, can continue under good conditions


Choreographies all levels

Choreographies level intermediary/advanced